What are the best parts to buy at a scrap yard?

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If you’re looking for wheel rims, go to a scrap yard. Keep in mind that wheel rims can support a lot of pressure– so even in collisions they often remain intact. Rather than spending a lot of money on brand new rims, get some used rims at a scrap yard.

Related to rims you can get decent used rims at a scrap yard at best the price you’d pay elsewhere. And, in some cases, used rims have barely any miles on them, so that’s a nice bonus.

Mirrors and Windshields

What about windshields, side windows and mirrors? These are all great parts to buy used at a Junkyard. Need an entire window package that includes the hardware, power window motor and switches? You’re likely to find entire window packages at scrap yards, intact and in fine condition. Speaking of power windows, you can also buy power locks at a scrap yard.


Finally, consider buying a used headlight at a scrap yard. A brand new one? That can cost thousands of dollars, and your current vehicle might not even be worth such a hefty investment. But getting a used headlight from a scrap yard might be more in your price range, and do the job just as well as a brand new one.

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